Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation


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A jolly business management game that will challenge your strategic thinking and leave you feeling powerfully competent when you succeed. Chill with the mellow music as you grow a tiny food truck business in this cute blend of 1990s tycoon games.

Game Play modes:


  • Career Mode: Take the entrepreneurial plunge and experience the joy of running a successful food truck business on your terms.
  • Sandbox Mode: Choose your playstyle and explore the city in a way that allows you to unleash your creativity.
  • Daily Challenge Mode: Achieve management mastery by testing your ability to be profitable under diverse conditions daily.
  • Time Challenge Mode: Beat the highest food truck company valuations and take your place at the top of the leaderboard.


Enter food truck face-offs with up to 5 friends and battle to outsell and outgrow each other in a 30-day free for all showdowns.


  • Take most of your business decisions at night and watch the result of your choices unfold during the day.
  • “Easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay inspired by real-world business and marketing strategy.
  • Unique business conditions based on varying weather, GDP, and raw material prices in over 12 real cities
  • Incremental equipment and food truck upgrades to help you serve more customers faster.
  • Randomly generated customer preferences, population size, and gameplay events that improve replayability.
  • Growth and expansion across seven localities in the city (Street Corner, Noisy Playground, Park Central, Big Station, Glamor and Hip Street, National Landmark, and The Finance Hub)
  • Comprehensive financial reports that aid decision-making.

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